NEW! USDA-'s Sammy Soil Coloring Book- A fun way to teach the young kids the importance of soil!

The Chesterfield Soil and Water Conservation District is always looking for educational opportunities to teach about Conservation! 

In conjunction with our USDA-NRCS partners, we frequently visit schools, young farmer meetings and civic or service groups.

Yearly, we have been able to offer students the chance to attend two educational programs hosted by other agencies. We have been able to find sponsors to pay the tuition:

South Carolina Commissioner's School for Agriculture
The South Carolina Commissioner’s School for Agriculture is a week-long, summer residential program held on Clemson University’s campus. Participants are students entering their junior and senior years of high school. These students are interested in pursuing college coursework related to the agricultural and natural resources majors at Clemson.

The SCCSA uses a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum to aid participants in exploring the dynamic opportunities, related college majors, and professional careers related to the agriculture and natural resource industries. Program participants are actively involved in exciting field and lab-based experiences

Camp Wildwood
Camp Wildwood is a high energy, hands-on, outdoor environmental camp sponsored by the Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc., the South Carolina Wildlife Federation, the Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund, and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Camp Wildwood is a fun filled week during which students can experience the many aspects of their natural environment. It is a place to discover that we are part of nature and everything we do in some way affects the natural balance.