Hills Creek Water Quality Improvement Project

The Hills Creek Water Quality improvement project is managed by the Chesterfield Soil and Water Conservation District.  For more information, please call the office:
843-623-2187 x3.

Horse Seminar

On March 1, 2012, Clemson extension agent Lee Van Vlake gave an excellent talk about managing water quality and grazing as it pertains to horses. One component of the Hills Creek project is to conduct education and outreach geared to managing water quality on horse farms.

The handout from the evening can be downloaded here.

Attendees at the Water Quality Horse Seminar in Pageland, SC Amber Starnes of the Chesterfield Soil and Water Conservation District giving attendees information on the Hills Creek Water Quality Grant program.

Clemson Extension agent Lee Van Vlake preparing to start his horse talk. Clemson Extension agen Lee Van Vlake discusses some common water quality issues that horse owners may face.