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Longleaf 101 Course

Because of strong support from the Chesterfield SWCD and partial funding by our 2015 NFWF grant, we wer able to repeat our 2013 Longleaf Alliance "Longleaf 101" course which was held April 26-28, 2016.

The 101 is a three day short-course with an in-depth classroom and field instruction in "all things longleaf". The intent is to better prepare landowners and natural resource professionals to address management problems specific to longleaf forests and to create a uniformly well-informed network of longleaf managers to extend the reach of The Longleaf Alliance.

This relationship is intended to be a two-way relationship, with information and discussion freely exchanged to better serve the public and to ensure the conservation, restoration and proper management of longleaf ecosystems to meet the variety of landowner objectives.

Who should attend a 101 course? Private landowners, private natural resource professionals, federal and state agency personnel, and non-governmental agency representatives, throughout the longleaf natural range.