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Charles Babb - New SLPCP Coordinator

The Chesterfield Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) recently announced the hiring of long time USDA employee Charles Babb. Babb had been with the Natural Resources Conservation Service for nearly 36 years and has been in Chesterfield County since 1984.

The SWCD moved Babb into the vacant Sandhills Longleaf Pine Partnership Coordinator position. Babb fills the shoes that initial Longleaf Coordinator Jimmy Lisenby left in January. "When Jimmy left, we were unable to fill the position with a quality candidate who would pick up where he left off," said Babb. "I was eligible to retire from the USDA and thought this would be a great opportunity to transition into."

Babb is excited to be able to work in an area that he is particularly interested in - the Longleaf pine ecosystem.

"When we realized that Charles was interested in the position, we breathed a sigh of relief," explained SWCD Commissioner Chairman Roger Smith. "Jimmy had brought the Partnership this far, and we were concerned that a brand new coordinator would take a while to get up to speed. We needed someone to hit the ground running from day one."

And Babb has hit the ground running. After taking one day off, Babb moved his chair 20 feet to a new desk and has picked up where Lisenby left off. "The Partnership is doing great things, building on what Jimmy started," said Babb. "We are working on our fourth major grant proposal that, if funded, will allow us to continue to help Landowners interested in planting or managing longleaf pine."

To contact Babb, please call 843-623-2185 x111.