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Mapping Project

In 2017, the Partnership recieved funds to being a comprehensive mapping project using summer interns selected from forestry-school candidates. Delta McDaniel was the first intern in this first-ever mapping project (on this scale) conducted by an LIT.

The pupose of this project is multi-faceted. Our primary goal is to map all forested tracts within our focus area. In addition, we are mapping tracts that have are recent clearcuts or abandonded agriculture fields.

When finished, this data set will finally allow us to quantify the actual acres of longleaf in our focus area. As we initially suspected, there are already more acres of longleaf than we have records for.

Even though the mapping is projected to continue until 2020, we are already using the data for outreach efforts.

In July, 2018, we conducted our first assessment of our inventory. As a result, we were able to "mine" 150 clearcut tracts and mail them a letter and brochure detailing various cost-share programs and technical assistance available to them through the Partnership and the USDA-NRCS.