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Prescribed Burning Rental Trailer - Information for Organizations

The Sandhills Longleaf Pine Conservation Partnership receives multiple inquiries about our prescribed burning rental trailer. We hope this page sheds light on how it was built, and what is included in the trailer. Click for a list of items and rental agreement.

Taken from the rear, the first photo gives a general layout of the trailer, including the built-in areas in the nose which provide a counter area to use while preparing for the day, or making notes at day's end. Areas on the floor include storage for indian sprayers (front) fuel containers (left side) and a corral for the seven (teal) water jugs.

Landowners fill fuel cans once they pick up the trailer. They are stored in safety cans nestled within containers filled with DrySorb. The containers are "locked" into place via the legs of the shelf, or via small stops screwed into the floor.

Drip torches are stored upright within modified PVC collars. Like the gas cans, the torches are nestled in an inch of Dry-Sorb in a tub.
A heavy duty rack has more than enough space to contain all tools except for flappers. These are kept on the floor so that the flap stays straight. Tools are kept in place by custom-length bungee cords. Don't forget the tennis balls to keep someone from braining themselves on the ends!
A side-and-ceiling mounted shelf holds 6 snap-lid boxes of items including gloves, radios & harnesses, lighter leashes and first aid kit. A tub on the front shelf (shown below) holds small items such as pens, sanitizer, wipes and instructions for various items in the trailer. Extra shop towels are stored in this area as well.
All items in the trailer are secured by custom length bungee cords. 1/2" Shock cord is purchased in bulk, along with "ends". We make each cord with a crimped end (shown below) and one open end. This keeps cords in place, and prevents them from being moved and inadvertantly used in the wrong area.
Seven gallon water jugs are are kept in a "corral" which can be moved around the interior of the trailer as needed, depending on the future addition of items. These containers are easier and safer for a landowner to handle - to refill indian-type backpacks (shown in the nose on the floor) -than handling larger ATV mounted tanks.
Road signs and stands can be seen in the above photo and at right. These signs are used to warn motorists that a prescribed burn is in progress. A rubber "diamond grip" mat protects the floor while providing traction for muddy boots.