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January, 2019 - Duke Energy approved our longleaf grant funds! Read more here.

July, 2018 - We have begun mining our field mapping data to conduct a preliminary analysis of clearcuts. This has resulted in a targeted mailing to approximately 150 landowners. We hope this new avenue of specific outreach will be successful!

May, 2018 - Dylan Whaley is our 2018 intern tasked with continuing our second season of comprehensive field mapping. A webpage about this is coming soon!

Winter Burn Season 2018 - The SLPCP continued its work with private landowners to help them "learn to burn" their longleaf pine.

June, 2017 - Delta McDaniel is our summer intern tasked with starting the comprehensive field mapping of all the forested land in our focus area. This will eventually afford opportunities in the form of targeted outreach and quantifying exactly how many longleaf acres are in our focus area.

June, 2017 - We have been awarded our fifth NFWF grant! This grant allows us to continue the great work we've been able to accomplish with private landowners.

Winter Burn Season 2017 - The SLPCP worked with 8 private landowners to help them "learn to burn" their longleaf pine. Six had the required burns (5) to finish their Certified Prescribed Fire Manager certification. Congrats!

January 5, 2017 - The CPFM course sponsored by the Partnership, with 21 landowners taking the course.
Nov 1-4, 2016 - Many partners spent a few days at the Longleaf Alliance's 11th Biennial Conference in Savannah, GA. We presented many posters, gave a talk, and carried the prescribed burning rental trailer to show attendees during the field tours.
October, 2016 - Several landowners attend a Longleaf 201 "understory" course in Beaufort. Unfortunately Hurricane Matthew had other plans for the academy.
October, 2016 - We've been crunching some numbers. Collectively, the SLPCP along with partners in NRCS, FSA and our grant funds have administered 2.8 million dollars in 295 cost-share assistance contracts to landowners. We've planted over 14,000 acres!
August, 2016 - We've submitted the first Longleaf Alliance LIT spotlight article.
August, 2016
- We have been awarded our fourth NFWF grant!
July, 2016 - Charles attends Volunteer Fire Department meeting to discuss the possiblity of adding VFD training events on prescribed burning.
Summer, 2016 - Quarterly update in the Longleaf Leader
April 26-28, 2016 - Longleaf 101 course held in Cheraw, SC
March, 2016 - Welcome Charles Babb as our new Longleaf Coordinator! (Article)
March, 2016 - Our 2016 learn and burn, is a great success!
February, 2016 - The Partnership is featured in a DNR Blog.
February, 2016 - We have submitted our fourth major grant request!
February, 2016 - Our 2016 learn and burn, hand's-on burn date set.
February, 2016 - We run our press release on the $250,000 grant award.
February, 2016 - Our newest NFWF grant proposal has been submitted!
February, 2016 - Our quarterly update has been submitted to the LLA.
January, 2016 - 2015 Longleaf and Lunch featured in the LINK.
December, 2015 - Our presribed burning rental trailer is finished! (Article)
Fall 2015 - The Partnership is featured in the USDA-NRCS newsletter. (Article)
July 2015 - We get notice that our $250,000 NFWF Proposal has been funded! (Article)
May, 2015 - We participate in Ruby Elementary Farm Day!
April, 2015 - Learn and Burn Featured on DNR Website.
March, 2015 - Learn and Burn held - onsite burning and learning.
January 25, 2015 - Date Range for 2015 Learn and Burns (View flyer Here)
January, 2015 - The Longleaf Leader has our quarterly update.
December, 2014 - We participate in Edwards Elementary Farm Day!
November, 2014 - Understory seed harvesting. (Read article here)
October, 2014 - Outreach with the SWCD & Clemson at Chesterfield's Carolinafest.
August, 2014 - Longleaf Leader has our quarterly update.
June, 2014 - Burning article on new NFWF grant runs in The Link.
April, 2014 - We officially welcome Longleaf Coordinator Jimmy Lisenby! (Article)
December, 2013 - Learn and Burn Field Day (flyer) set for 2014! (Article in Link)
October 1, 2013 - Article about the $150,000 NFWF grant in The Link.
September 26, 2013- Annual report detailing progress on the NFWF grant.

In cooperation with the SLPCP, The Longleaf Alliance conducted their “Longleaf 101” at Cheraw State Park February 18 – 20, 2014. More info

The Partnership met September 10, 2013 to recap old business, give updates on current grants-in-progress and plan upcoming field days.  Plans discussed to hold an actual landowner burn demo day in Jan/Feb where Landowners will be able to see/experience an actual burn.  Site has been picked, and instructors/critical personnel have committed to helping.  More information will be presented in future meetings.

Summer, 2013 - Article in the Longleaf Ledger about the SLPCP.
July 10, 2013  Joint meeting: NC Sandhills Conservation Partnership and the SLPCP
The two partnerships geographical area are separated by a state line and the Pee Dee river.  Historically we have not had any formal communication between the groups, however, we have many similar goals and backgrounds.  This meeting forged a new beginning for us to learn more about the work we are doing, the resources we currently have (or need to meet our objectives), and to see if opportunities exist for working together, tackling shared problems, and leveraging more resources to increase the scope of the work being done along the Fall-line Sandhills.
June, 2013.  Its official!  We have a second National Fish and Wildlife Federation grant for a $150,000 grant to continue our Longleaf cost-share assistance.  Overview.
May, 2013  The LINK newspaper runs article about the Fire Field Day.
May, 14, 2013 Certified Prescribed Fire Management Course a success.
April 16, 2013  The Fire Field Day was a HUGE success!
February 20, 2013  Full proposal for NFWF submitted. 
October 24, 2012  Our second Longleaf and Lunch More info.
September 12, 2012 - Next organizational meeting to determine future needs, additional funding opportunities, educational opportunities, etc.
September 4, 2012- Partnership awarded a $150,000 National Fish and Wildlife Federation grant. Funding Overview.
July 31, 2012 - Additional $68,946 from Partners for Fish and Wildlife is granted to continue our initial grant dated August 2011, below.
April 23, 2012 - Full proposal due for a grant to plant longleaf!

Some of our "working folks" are featured in a National Longleaf Video. Check it out!
November, 2011 - The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Grant is official, and we have written half of the contracts for the enhancement of longleaf pine habitat.
October 8, 2011- Longleaf and Lunch Informational Meeting  Press Release
September 2011 - Longleaf Videographer visits Chesterfield - Press Release Pg 1, Pg 2.
August 2011- Partnership receives $50,000 for longleaf ecosystem enhancement.
August 2011 - Sandhills Longleaf Pine Conservation Partnership Announced in Link Newspaper.